Origin and functions of the ICMS

The International Committee for Museum Security ICMS was founded by the 10th General Assembly of ICOM on June 1974 in Kobenhavn, Denmark. It has been playing a leading role in activities throughout its many years of meetings. Its Rules have changed to conform with the Model Rules of ICOM, dated 1991, declaring ICMS original and unchanging aims:

  • to support the aims and objectives of ICOM, particularly with the reference to museum security;
  • to formulate and carry out a program of activities related to museum security;
  • to provide a forum for communication, co-operation and exchange of information between museums, professional museum workers and others concerned with museum security;
  • to provide advice to ICOM on museum security and be a source of professional expertise to assist in the implementation of ICOM’s program;
  • to represent the interests of museum security within ICOM;
  • to cooperate with the National Committees and Affiliated Organizations of ICOM in matters related to the Committees specific mandate and to the broader interests of ICOM