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Securing heritage of religious interest

Stéphane Thefo

Cultural heritage protection handbook No. 6

English         French

This handbook, with witty illustrations accompanied by short and easy-to-read texts, gives general advice to everyone and anyone in contact with heritage of religious interest who wish to protect it more effectively from malicious acts (theft, vandalism, intrusion, even arson and terrorism).

Manuale per la sicurezza nei musei

ETAS 2003 331 p., ISBN 88-453-1190-2

Sammlungsgut in Sicherheit

Handbook with basic rules in many fields regarding the security of museums and collections, as protection against fire, theft, intrusion, pests, pollutants, lighting, climate conditions and more, written in German language

Berlin 2002, ISBN 3-7861-2348-9

Vademecum zabezpieczenia Muzeów

Handbook for Museum security in Polish language

Warszawa 2002, ISBN 83-86351-41-1

Sicherheitsfibel für Galerien, Museen und Ausstellungen

Short guide regarding security in museums and similar institutions

Written in German Language

Wien 1997, ISBN 3900-325-20-0

Cultural Heritage Disaster Preparedness and Response

Proceedings from the International Symposium held 23-27 November 2003 in Hyderabad, India

Paris 2004, ISBN 92-9012-056-3

Building an Emergency Plan

A guide for museums and other cultural institutions

Los Angeles 1997

ISBN 0-89236-529-3