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September 5, 2022

ICMS Election Results 2022

ICMS is pleased to announce the new Executive Board for the period 2022-2025, as follows:

Vernon Rapley, UK (Chair)

Remi Plath, Germany (Secretary)

Board Members:

  • Wan Jie, China
  • Satoshi Sugiura, Japan
  • Barry Palmer, UK
  • LJ Hartman, USA

Voting Results:

V. Rapley President 43
R. Plath Secretary 43
Wan Jie Board member 25
S. Sugiura Board member 21
B. Palmer Board member 19
L.J. Hartman Board member 17
J. Hussain 10
B. Kumar Shahi 10
N. Johnson 10

Eligible for voting is that members must be on the latest members list (13 June 2022).

Eligible voters can cast 6 votes in total: 1 for President, 1 for Secretary, 4 for General board members. There were 22 proxy votes and 21 personal votes cast.